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If you found this page, chances are that your vehicle needs service or maintenance. You may know what needs attention or not, but either way the experienced technicians at Mobile Car Dr. can help. We can diagnose and repair most vehicle issues at your home or the parking lot of your office. We bring the auto shop to you. You will love the convenience of not having to go anywhere in order to get repairs done. You can keep working on what you are doing and we will take care of everything and clean up when we are done. You won’t even know we were there.

Certified Auto Repairs Technicians

Our ASE certified technicians are trained and ready to handle a wide range of major and minor problems we may encounter. We diagnose and repair on-site. Including: fuel filters, fuel pumps, and fuel lines, water pumps, A/C recharges, no starts, coolant leaks, car transmission or shifting problems or trouble with your alternator. We love to work on air conditioning systems, radiators, starters, timing belts or timing chains, as well as replacing faulty oxygen sensors, catalytic converters, ignition coils, spark plugs (even on transverse motors) thermostat replacement, ignition coils, mass air flow sensors. So if your vehicle won’t start, didn’t pass emissions, or its time for a 30,000/60,000 tune up and you are looking for a mechanic near you, call us.

Mobile Mechanics

12 months parts and labor warrantyMobile mechanic services are becoming more and more popular. There are even brands that are starting to pop up on a national level. The problem with the big guys is that in order to be able to have a national service, they often don’t take on the larger jobs like head gaskets or even timing belts. Sometimes their technicians don’t have the skill set, and sometime they just don’t have the time. While it is important to have a company that stands behind their work, we find that it is also important to find a company that can and will actually do it. Mobile Car Dr offers a 12 month parts and labor warranty on all parts and service that we provide.

This brings us to the next point. The other issue that we worry about for our potential customers is finding a non-licensed, uninsured, fly by night mechanic that takes advantage of people. We will spare you the horror stories. Just know that you want to find a mechanic with a solid reputation and has been around for a while. One that will finish the job, and one that will warranty their work if you ever the issue again.

No one likes dealing with car repairs and maintenance, but auto repairs done it can be a hassle. Call us to schedule an appointment to see how easy it can be. (602) 903-3737



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